Buffer module SSE24-M - Mini DC-UPS with supercapacitors

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Maintenance-free mini DC UPS for bridging mains failures in the seconds range, cost-effective and compact UPS for critical loads in industrial use

The SSE24-M buffer module stores the required energy in internal capacitors. Thus, these uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are absolutely maintenance-free. A rechargeable battery is not installed.

Fully encapsulated in an aluminium housing, the capacitor-based buffer module is characterised by its vibration resistance and suitability for industrial and tropical environments.

How to install the mini DC UPS / buffer module?

The buffer module (DC UPS with electrolytic capacitors) is either connected in parallel directly into the regulated DC circuit at any point or used for selective protection of critical consumers. This prevents malfunctions in control systems due to short-term interruptions in the power supply and considerably increases the reliability of the overall system.

  • Mini DC UPS without power supply / DC buffer module for 24 VDC systems
  • for short-time bridging in the range of seconds
  • for a current requirement of up to max. 5 amps
  • in a particularly compact design - space saving
  • maintenance-free thanks to capacitors - no batteries installed
  • LED operation indicators: DC input, charging
  • short charging times (max. 400 seconds)
  • long service life
  • Safety extra-low voltage
  • simple wiring, easy handling
  • can be connected in parallel
  • short-circuit proof, overload and no-load safe
  • tropicalised due to cast resin encapsulation
  • Safety according to VDE, EN, UL CSA
Buffer module SSE24-M - Mini DC-UPS with supercapacitors
Input voltage (VDC): 23.5 - 31.0 VDC
Buffer voltage: 22.0 VDC
max. Output current: 5.0 Amp.
Hold up time: typ. 1,0Amp. 4sec.
Stored energy: max. 24 Ws / 24 J
Charging current: 1.0 Amp.
Charging time:  max. 400sec.
Residual ripple: < 50mVrms
Operating temperature range: -30°C / +65°C
Dimensions (WxHxD): 47.0 x 100.0 x 120.0 mm
Weight: 0.90 kg
Mounting: On rails acc. to DIN 46277 or wall mounting with screws
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Technical data for buffer module SSE24-M

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Operating instructions for buffer moduls SSE24-M

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Further information about buffer module SSE24-M

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