Get powerful and robust electronic components for industrial use

Power supplies for DIN rail or wall, SMPS, UPS, EMC filters, couplers, redundancy modules....

FEAS GmbH offers you a wide range of powerful electronic components for a reliable and efficient power supply of your installations and systems. You will find high-quality power supplies, switching mode power supplies (SMPS), DIN rail power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC UPS, EMC filters, couplers, redundancy modules and various function modules. 

Robust against dust, humidity, extreme temperatures, vibrations

FEAS GmbH specialises in electrical components for demanding industrial applications. Fully encapsulated in high-quality aluminium or polycarbonate housings, the robust components are tropicalised and optimally protected, even under the most adverse conditions. Neither high humidity, nor extreme dust or strong vibrations can harm the power electronics.

Large product range - Made in Germany

With our company headquarters near Hamburg, we develop and manufacture our more than 800 different products entirely in Germany. Carefully tested, they meet the highest quality requirements and the latest safety standards.

If you could not find the product you are looking for or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us: contact information