Motor motion controller MSM3

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Every electric motor generates a voltage when switched off, which depends on the residual magnetism in the motor and its rotational speed at that point in time.
This induced generator voltage is related to the rate of change of speed of the magnetic field surrounding the stator and rotor windings and to the actual number of turns on the coils.
This induced voltage, which can originate from a 3-phase, AC or DC motor, is analysed by the standstill monitor. That is, the deceleration generator voltage of an electric motor is monitored to indicate, for example, that the motor is stationary. This analysis can be performed continuously or with a delay. In order to achieve this, the voltage level is measured using an analogue input circuit with adjustable differential amplifier. The indicators and monitor relays are then activated by means of a digital analysis logic, depending on the user's settings.
  • Standstill recognition without tacho alternator
  • Suitable for the most AC and DC motors
  • Continuous monitoring by running motor
  • High input sensitivity
  • Digital analysis logic
  • Utilizable as voltage detector
  • Max. input DC voltage: 600 volts
  • Max. input AC voltage 550 volts
  • Suitable for the tropics
  • Safety acc. to VDE, EN, UL, CSA
Motor motion controller MSM3
Input voltage (supply): 230 VAC
Input DC voltage (shunt circuit): 600 VDC
Input AC voltage (shunt circuit): 550 VAC
Adjustment range (switching point UOn): 20 mV - 3.0 V
Adjustment range (motor run out time): 0.1s - 20s
Operating temperature range: -30°C / +70°C
Dimensions (WxHxD): 55.0 x 75.0 x 110.0 mm
Weight: 0.55 kg
Mounting: On rails acc. to DIN 46277 or wall mounting with screws
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